Modern Art Photography- London

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Fine Art Photography Weekly – Episode19 – Fine Art Architecture with Andrew Prokos

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Europe’s wildlife photography hides

In Europe, wildlife photography is becoming very popular day by day, with hundreds and hundreds of enthusiastic photographers shooting on images wild animals and birds everywhere on this beautiful continent. Still, catching a snap of a wild species is not always as easy as it might appear.

This is when photography hides might rescue the photography enthusiast. All across the European continent, a whole lot of specialized tour operators now offer to rent prepared hides. While utilizing these type of hides, photographers are saved all the lengthy process of getting the confidence of birds and animals targeted and it is almost guaranteed that they would not go back empty handed, this without triggering any disturbance or harm to wild species.

Therefore, this is no wonder that the number of photography hides is on the increase in many countries quite steadily.

In Europe, the Wildlife Photography Hides the first comprehensive directory that depicts all photography hide facilities that are presently available. For the very first time, this report sets up for the 1st time a detail description of up-to-date info regarding wildlife photography hides.

The report’s 1st section is a comprehensive intro to wildlife photography hides concept as well as their present evolution in Europe. In 2nd section, all hides as well as operators are described. The report also has a list of references as well as a list of useful contacts.

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Sri Lankan temple snap takes the 1st spot

With sixty seven per cent of people using their smartphones as a camera during holiday, it was just a matter of time till an event honored the twenty-first century photography phenomenon. ‘Best Photo Taken on a Smartphone’ competition, opened by the Celebrity Cruises, bucked up amateur photographers to pass on their holiday pictures and has announced that a snap of the Gangaramaya Viharaya Temple, that was clicked in Colombo in Sri Lanka has snatched the top spot.

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