A Breif History of Online Casinos

Back in the early 1990’s, when the internet was still young, the only things flying around were basic messages between a few people that really knew computers. These days, anyone in the world can log on, download a small software package and be playing online casino games faster and easier then going to a real casino.

How could this much advancement come about in such a short time?

The history of online casinos is only short at this stage, but it is still very interesting. Online Casinos first appeared right around the same time that big Internet players like Amazon and AOL started to become popular. The first providers of online gambling realized that there was an un-touched market for an Internet technology that provided a low-cost solution that would let everyday people play at casinos without having to actually leave their own home.

The first internet casinos faced some major problems. In the early days, connection speeds were slow at best, so downloading even a relatively small program could take hours. When they were finally downloaded, the online casino programs had poor graphics and sound and weren’t the most appealing games to play. Players were also reluctant to use credit cards to deposit money into the online casinos because there was very little knowledge of Internet security.

In the early days there was a popular thought that the first internet casinos were owned and operated by some shady characters. This may and may not have been the case, but casinos that were operated by people that were less then scrupulous soon shut down as normal players would not play there. This left the doors open for real businessmen with real capital and strategies to come in and kick-start the online gambling industry. Today, thoughts of online casinos being run in dimly-lit offices are long gone. Today online casinos are run by big business, and with the industry being worth billions of dollars it has attracted the best and brightest into the field.

Over the years to follow, online casinos had a few good breaks that really helped their popularity soar. The introduction of high-speed Internet meant that people could download faster, and above all, play faster. The games became much more detailed and much more playable. The games started to resemble the high-quality games that are available today.

The other big break for online casinos was the spread and success of the large online retail stores like Amazon. It is because of the success of stores like these that the general public began to feel safer about purchasing over the Internet.

Lately Internet casinos have become more and more competitive, meaning better deals for their players. There are many more bonus deals and rewards programs then ever before, all in an effort to have the players stay and play at their casinos.

The future seems bright for online gambling. The casinos are always enhancing their products and bringing out software that uses better graphics, better sounds, more games and enhanced playability. Players will also find deals from the casinos always trying to out-do each other and get the new players, so bonuses and rewards programs will feature more and more heavily in the online casinos business plans. In short, the past was a bit murky at times, the present is bright, and the future for online casinos can only get brighter!