Blind Photographers and Their Ways of Taking Pictures

The first and foremost question that comes to the mind is how blind people manage to click photos.

The answer will truly cater not only to this question, but also the question :“How does one take a photograph”?

This truly depends on the nature of the photograph, concerning the purpose and circumstances of having a photo.
As far as the mechanism is concerned, it is basically simple and that is as follows:

A camera is intended to catch a picture of a certain object. Now the picture that a camera catches is a result of the light that comes through the lenses of the camera through an intricate mechanism. Whether the camera man is blind or not, the basic pre-requisites of having a photo are – the subject, the camera and the will of clicking a picture.

There are many sighted people who, over the years, have developed the skill of capturing perfect photos by adjusting the light, applying tonal modifications, and working on the exposure length and so on. It is seen that the renowned photographers all over the world use the cameras that come up with simple designs. They too, use it in the simplest manner.

When it comes to blind photographers, they too have a specific idea about which subject they choose. They do have a mind, a body and a will to have the picture. Due to the lack of vision, they have to deal with the rest of the world differently which is pretty tough and complex for them. So, while clicking the picture they might need the assistance of others for adjusting the camera or something related to this, but this can happen with any sighted camera man as well.

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