Color Theory In Photography

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25 Responses to “Color Theory In Photography”

  1. frogsoda says:

    Adobe has changed the name to color. So much for creativity. lol

  2. Lester Guijarro says:

    thank you for this video it is very imformative, espeically since i am
    studying photography. could recommend some great color photographers to

  3. afro symphony says:

    i cannot believe gordon parks isnt here!! his colour game is crazyyyyy

  4. canturgan says:

    Haas springs to mind. 

  5. giannhsp222 says:

    Nice video… you know! :)

  6. gee sea says:

    I love your videos. Very helpful.

  7. Saby Mondal says:


  8. ash vella says:

    Thank you for this video it’s proved very helpful

  9. Alex Cruceru says:
  10. Peter Donnan says:
  11. John Jefferies says:
  12. Rob Ashcroft says:

    Excellent tutorial. I particularly liked the last two minutes where you
    talked about ‘seeing’ in photography. Keep up the good work.

  13. Felipe Vásquez says:

    I think thats a CMY wheel, with is the one paintors use, and the one
    photographers use is the RGB wheel

  14. Messner says:

    This is what makes this channel unique: high quality content. keep it up,
    Forbes -you are nailing it.

  15. John Ballantrae says:

    Fantastic – it’s like being in one of your classes, I imagine. I like the
    combination of philosophy and practicality.

  16. ukmopsteruk says:

    Vic???? Vic????? where’s Bob? lol

  17. John Mason says:

    Just fyi, Adobe Kuler is pronounced ‘cooler’.

  18. Mandelbrot Set says:

    Monochromatic: Refers to shades of blue…. shades of red.. or…
    grayscale. *trollface*

  19. Milena Czabanowska says:

    do you know where I can find this documentary because it is not currently
    available on BBC i-player? Thanks for recommendation!

  20. Stefon Grant says:

    Thank you

  21. Joonas Puuppo says:

    Very nice. I happen to have a color vision defiency (a minor one,
    fortunately) so Kuler is really helpful to me. And yes, color would be a
    great subject for masterclass live, I’d love to hear you expand more on
    color theory, different color spaces, differences between print and digital
    in terms of color, and “deconstruct” some famous photographs like you did
    in this video.

  22. GentleYeti says:

    My thoughts exactly

  23. Stéphanie Goulet says:

    Thank you so much. Truly inspiring stuff.

  24. John Ballantrae says:

    Yes. When I watched the video in which you asked for suggestions, I
    wondered about asking for potted versions of some parts of the syllabus you
    used to teach. We, the audience, would benefit enormously. I’m not sure how
    we can give back to you.

  25. Rich Klein says:

    The content is great Ted. I am always interested in our videos. The
    ‘gearhead’ videos just lead to addiction!