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What Are Slot Machines?

A Slot Machine, Poker Machine and Fruit Machine are types of casino games. The traditional slot machine games (or Coin Games) usually uses coin operated machine with two or three reels, which than spins when a lever that is placed on the side of the machine is pulled down. The machines include a coin currency detector which validates the inserted coin into the machine. The machine typically pays to the player based on random appearing symbols on the screen. Modern computer CPUs gives now days a much better efficient symbol generation. Today Slot machines are more popular at casinos and online casinos around the world, and are considered as 70% of the casino’s monthly income.

Slot Machines History

The first gambling machine that has been developed was in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn. It contained five drums holding a fifty card faces and was based on the game of Poker. The machine was proved really popular and soon after it was all around bars around the city. A player would insert a nickel and press the side lever, which would than spin the drums and the cards they holds. There wasn’t any good payment method at that time, so a pair of kings for example would get you a free 2 drinks of beer, where a royal flush would get you drinks or cigars. The prizes weren’t much on money and were from the place the game was being held at.

The machine was having too many combinations to win at; there fore a new slot machine was developed by Charles Fey, who came up with the idea of a three spinning reels containing 5 different symbols: horseshows, diamonds, spades, hearts and the liberty bell. The complexity was now reduces using the 5 symbols instead of ten cards, and the work on automatic payment has been started: Three bells a row is the biggest payout: 10 nickels. The game of “Liberty Bell” was a huge success, and was really demanded (even if the game became banned).

The Game Of Slot Machines

A player that plays Slot Machines uses the machine by inserting coins, cash or (in new machines) bar-coded ticket (Ticket In/ Ticket Out) into the machine’s slot.

The machine is than activated by pulling the lever (mechanic machines) or even a button (analog machines) or even by touch screen (digital machines). The object of the game is to win money from the played machine.  The game usually involves of matching between symbols that stops reeling after a period of time. Many game machines have a variety of symbol combinations to win from (usually tape on the machine for the other players to see the payouts ratios and combination of the machine). If the player gets a matching symbols according to the machine’s rules, the player than is received with a payout either in cash, or other way of value (i.e. extra games).

There is a different type of slot machines in different places such as Las Vegas, where one of the most playable video poker machines exists where the player can get matching symbols using poker hands. Becoming a popular slot machine now days is the 9 line slots (usually themed slot machines with graphic and sound based on movies, and TV shows), also there is the 3-5 reel slot type of machines and those are like the typical slot machines that have been played years ago.

The difference between video slots and reel slots are in the way the payouts are being calculated. With reel slots the only way to play the maximum jackpot is to play with the maximum allowed coins (varies between 3 and 5). With video slots, it is a fixed value all the way multiplied by the number of coins per line that have been bet. On reel slots it’s the player’s choice to play the maximum coins and on video slots it is recommended to play as many individual line games.


Bonus: a special feature of the game being played at, which is than activated on different combination of the symbols.

Candle: a light on top of the slot machine. It flashes the casino’s operator that a hand pay is requested or if there is a problem with the slot machine.

Carousel: a group of slot machines.

Coin Hopper: the container where the coins are being held (insert / payout).

Credit Meter: visual display of the amount of money you currently have (to be payout).

Hand Play: a payout made by the slot’s cage and not the slot machine it self. Optimal Play: is the payback % based on the gambler using the optimal strategy.

Used Technology

RNG – Random Number Generator.

It is very common now days that a machine uses a RND code that is embedded in the machine’s software. The RND code specialize in create a random generated symbols with some sort of random generated variable rules, which keeps the symbol position of the symbol) to be generated in the same ratio as the other. The newer the CPU on the machine, the fast the RNG will generate random information.