Modern Art Photography- London

Video Score: five / five

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9 Responses to “Modern Art Photography- London”

  1. Ali Alsam says:

    @DrunkYellowMonkey Thank you for the lovely feedback. It isn’t easy to
    describe the process of making these images. I take thousands of high
    quality photos, which I then combine using algorithms, programs, which I
    write for the purpose. The basic idea is to get a composition which I like.
    Where are you taking your photography course?

  2. DrunkYellowMonkey says:

    Top Stuff ! How do you make your images ? I’m taking a photography course
    and would love to be able to do what you do. Fantastic !

  3. Ali Alsam says:

    @sevcik2 How wonderful of you to say that. I feel privileged that you have
    commented on three of my shows. Thank you! ali

  4. Josie Loureiro says:

    Wonderful work! Bravo!

  5. Ali Alsam says:

    @visualguerillaFILMs Thank you for the lovely feedback. I’m grateful for
    the opportunity, offered by youtube, to share my with other art-makers. It
    is a chance to get to know and befriend like-minded people. Please share my
    work with people you know. In Norway, it is cloudy, rainy and a million
    birds are looking for mates outside my bedroom window. ali

  6. Ali Alsam says:

    @Sholthe2 takk ska du ha!

  7. Svein Holthe says:

    Fascinerende, spennende og vakkert.

  8. visualguerillaFILMs says:

    very good pictures!! i like your work!

  9. visualguerillaFILMs says:

    @ThatYouInMe No problem 🙂 It’s a good way to share art with others here.
    Don’t stop making art!