Neteller Payment Option

Choosing a service for money transfer over the internet has become a priority to many, and it is more of a matter than simple convenience. Companies like Neteller have become popular “mediators” for funds between consumers (companies) and their designated partners in trade. It is a booming business that is essential to online transactions.

Netteller is a brand that’s well known to the online consumer base. Their experience in the industry, proven quality of services and extensive and reliable security software speak for their reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy brand on the market.

Neteller money transfer service was established in 1998 and since then has expanded its offer to cover both credit cards and e-wallets and other money transfer services. They are widely used by consumers, and are preferable by players from the gambling industry since they offer convenient and safe way to transfer funds to and from their accounts and on online casino establishments. We will be going into further details about the benefits for using Neteller for online gambling bellow in the review.

Neteller is currently providing a host of advantages and easy to use money transferring options to over 180 countries in the world. USA citizens however, are not supported and therefore cannot use the services provided by Neteller.

What Neteller does best is offer their users a simplified and easy to understand process for online payments and withdrawals – after the initial sign up and simple account configuration, the consumer chooses the country of residence as well as the preferred currency (from the 18 available), along with personal details and banking information.

What casino players (and online gambling enthusiasts in general) will find interesting is the fact that Neteller has a large list of casinos and gambling sites that is partnered with, making it easier and more reliable to transfer funds for online play. Translated to everyday lingo, it means 0 fees on deposits, making it a favorable option over other services.

There’s also the added incentive for casino players when choosing Neteller of gaining 10% or higher for the initial deposits as a bonus!

Availability and services

Present in over 180 countries and offering up to 18 currencies, Neteller is obviously a major player on the market. In order to keep up with their users demands and stay ahead of the competition, they offer several distinct products. Let’s briefly examine each.

Neteller’s eWallet is an online stored / value account used for adding, transferring or withdrawing money from Neteller to designated proprietaries. Widely popular and used by the majority of Neteller’s users.

The second, Net+ Prepaid Master Card is their horse is in the race. It is a prepaid card for instant cash that can be used for ATM cash withdrawal or for online payments. Daily limit is kept at $3000 and it has no monthly fees.

Lastly, Neteller’s Money Transfer, available through their eWallet payment account offers a free alternative to traditional methods for sending money.

Overall, Neteller’s services are well protected and maintained via their 128-bit SSL encryption protocols (3D + protection added for their Net+ Prepaid Master Card).