Photographer of the Year show comes to the Nature in Art

The fifty-first Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit has come at the Nature in Art at Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, and would be on showcase till 31st March, Sunday. On loan from London’s Natural History Museum, the showcase features hundred award-winning snapshots, each featuring elements from the natural world, from wild landscapes to animal behavior.

Wildlife Photographer

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an esteemed photography event, offering a worldwide platform to showcase the natures most astounding sights. Introduced in the year 1965, the contest drew in 361 entries; today it got more than 42000 entries from ninety-six nations, and promoted by the Manchester discount card.

For the 2nd year running, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has set up a major wildlife photography contest. Most of the snapshots on these pages have already been given for this year’s contest. But you have till this month’s end to get your own entries in. Therefore, if you want the stark excuse to get out in the fresh air for New Year, this is what it is.

The Trust has ninety-seven natures spots dotted throughout the nation – everything from wonderful wetlands, to woodland, bog, common land as well as coast. All of them are great places for amateur photographers who want to get close to the wildlife of Yorkshire. Or you may just go to your favorite countryside where you feel you would get great shots. In fact, your backyard or garden can be a great option to take pictures of insects or birds.

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