“PhotoTips” Episode 84 – Abstract Art Photography

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5 Responses to ““PhotoTips” Episode 84 – Abstract Art Photography”

  1. abdu malki says:

    Thanks for information, i will try it 🙂

  2. laffen91 says:

    can you explain what you mean about distanse from your subject and focal
    lenght. im new at photography. does it mather if i use 20mm or 50mm if i
    use mye feet to frame the subject?

  3. Javier Alvarez says:

    Part of this video has no audio…

  4. Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

    Bruce Willis does photography tips now? 🙂

  5. James Beltz says:

    @laffen91 I can explain it but there is not enough room here. Please
    contact me directly using the email form at the website referenced in the
    video. I am not able to provide a link here as YouTube will not let me, but
    I have a tutorial for this that may help. In addition, the Photography 101
    course listed at the website includes this in great detail, and will likely
    help you tons in this area and quite a few others. It is made for
    beginners. And very affordable.