Portrait Photography kit { Interfit }

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21 Responses to “Portrait Photography kit { Interfit }”

  1. SeriouslyWrong1 says:

    I hope you post some photos taken with this equipment.

  2. Maria Yousuf says:

    i want thiissssss

  3. bborisov7 says:

    This is a joke,right. Don’t waste your money. You will burn batteries like
    crazy. Believe me,your bride won’t wait for you until you set up all this
    crap. In case she doesn’t have anything to do,just use studio lights where
    actually you can see where the light goes,or continues lighting source.I
    made grid,I never use it,use Dual Xenon instead.Barn doors,good luck with
    them, learn to use them first on continues light first. Light dome,this is
    the worst of all of them. Use Flip It instead.

  4. besamemucho5 says:

    @kiashadowwave jaaaaaa like what you said….

  5. drghettodave says:

    good review, but too much talking, slow moving video.

  6. lawbra says:

    Good review. I was wondering about this, now its clear 🙂 Thanks

  7. michtou88 says:

    Jamais vu une video de présentation d’éclairage…. aussi mal éclairée..

  8. Dustin Pachtinger says:

    I am interested in knowing how this worked out for you… I know I am a few
    years late…but still interested

  9. George Torres says:

    Good review.

  10. ytrichhalo says:

    hey i bought this kit or one almost identical from viewfinder photography
    at their stand at focus on imaging in 2008 in the uk. it had the miniature
    snoot the diffusion dome the beauty dish manufactured by viewfinder
    photography. is this just someone copying someone elses design? also do you
    have to buy separately each mount if you want to use more than one
    attachment at a time?

  11. pnmd says:

    you rock! thx for the comprehensive demo!

  12. Bernard Frazier says:

    I have the same flash setup as you…Do you recommend this kit instead of
    purchasing something like the Elinchrom Quadra’s

  13. DanskeFotoLink says:

    great!! Søren DanskeFotoLink.dk

  14. Tobybbrown says:

    nykon? you mean nikon

  15. ramraker says:

    don’t be such a fool and clumsy like this guy….attach the accessory to
    the adapter first and then mount it to the flash head.

  16. Valery Rybchenko says:

    nice tools

  17. Felipe sobrenome says:

    good vid mate

  18. devchonka18 says:

    I just purchased one of these kits… cant wait to use it!

  19. mroneniceguy says:

    i wish it was a screw on and not the gator teeth.

  20. dcsplicer says:

    thanks for the unboxing video!

  21. kiashadowwave says:

    @Tobybbrown US pronounce it “nai-kon” (like eye), UK (+ Australia?)
    pronounce it “nick-on”, Japanese pronounce it “knee-kon”… But what would
    they know, they just invented it.